10 Top SEO Experts in Pakistan in 2024

For websites to be visible in search results, all algorithms and data terms need to be taken care of by SEO Experts from around the world – Pakistan being no exception! Here’s our selection of Top SEO Experts and consultants from Pakistan so that we can take full advantage of digital marketing for maximum gain.

1. Mehboob Shar Top SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an established practice for increasing traffic to your company website, and Mehboob Shar, one of the premier SEO experts worldwide, specializes in natural organic rankings and blog posts to deliver it successfully.

He is well known for his unique activities on Clickbait, such as content writing, link building, backlink analysis, keyword research and more.

Mehboob Shar was introduced to SEO from an early age and has quickly become one of the world’s foremost experts in digital search marketing, serving clients from Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Mehboob Shar, an SEO specialist from Pakistan, has become one of the most acclaimed names in search engine optimization industry worldwide. He assists with digital marketing strategies and advertising campaigns and marketing endeavors.

Mehboob Shar, an Internationally-recognized SEO expert, has made SEO easier and more feasible for global businesses through his groundbreaking tutorials on digital marketing.

2. Salman Baig

Baig at KB Marketing Agency states, “Failing to market online would be like opening your business without anyone knowing.

Salman brings over 10 years of experience to digital and video campaigns for brands in South Asia. His focus lies in devising tailored strategies that deliver pinpointed results with constant monitoring and tracking.

His plans are user-friendly and cost-effective due to transparent rates through packages.

He comprehensively integrates all strategies to develop your online business while maintaining growth.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an internet-based practice used to increase client website traffic. Businesses typically employ an SEO expert in order to increase web presence and drive new business through clients searching for their products or services online.

Salman Baig is one of Pakistan’s premier SEO consultants and his expertise and team at Alibaba Group have proven invaluable for numerous customers.

3. Usman Latif

Usman Latif can guide organizations through them seamlessly while training them with concrete strategies to achieve results with ease.

He offers training sessions to individuals like you to hone digital marketing techniques that will lead to their business blossoming. His energetic and helpful spirit encourages businesses to leverage social media as an additional avenue for promotion.

He is the founder of  Digital Academy, Digital Marketing Pakistan, and Marcom works. For three years now he has shared his knowledge in digital marketing with Lahore University of Management Sciences students.

He is recognized as one of the premier SEO experts in Pakistan due to his vast array of skills. He served as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for SEO at DigiSkills.pk and as Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer with USAID SMEA.

He serves as Co-Lead of Google Business Group Lahore (GBG Lahore), an official Google Community for businesses where his responsibility includes business growth with training and skills in Google technologies such as Ads, Analytics, SEO, etc.

4. M. Tanveer Nandla

M.Tanveer Nandla Expert SEO Consulting Services in Pakistan For his many successful projects, Tanveer Nandla has earned recognition as an outstanding SEO consultant in Pakistan, known for optimizing websites to rank higher in search engines and generate more leads via search.

Digital marketing’s fast pace necessitates managers, trainers and mentors such as M “Tanveer Nandla.” He is one of the most sought-after speakers in Pakistan who believes passion will take them far.    

Tanveer Nandla of Multan-based SEO specialist “Sprout”, who has over 10 years of experience working within Google Organic Results industry and specialize in social media optimization and traffic conversion, as an Internet Marketing Specialist at Sprout.

5. Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq

Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq was once in our shoes – as a student himself! Therefore he knows first-hand the challenges associated with learning via books and experiencing things online.

Engagement with students he engages them by detailing practical SEO experiences that result in real-world expertise for future job placement opportunities. His lessons help them gain an insight into what is required for ranking well on top search engines like Google and Bing.

Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq has provided SEO training to over 10 lakh individuals nationwide and built an outstanding reputation through his efforts, becoming one of the top trainers on both online and offline platforms.

6. Umer Anees

Umer Anees, an insightful thought leader and digital marketing specialist who has transformed thousands of lives worldwide. He strives to lead his industry with his exceptional credentials and over two decades of experience.

His passion for imparting knowledge among young professionals shines through in the instructional videos on this platform – like when he taught you the inner workings of search engines.

His primary objective is to use practical strategies for solving business issues, serving a range of clients from startups to established organizations and providing top rankings in organic search engine results through digital marketing solutions.

Umer Anees is widely recognized as an expert at getting websites onto top digital marketing platforms worldwide, including SEO and SEM. He is considered one of Pakistan’s premier SEO specialists and an SEM professional.

7. Usman Saeed

Usman Saeed from Pakistan – another top SEO expert in his field.

He possesses extensive experience promoting businesses online, making him an essential component of any organization wishing to flourish on digital platforms.

His expertise as an elite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant spans globally and serves both domestic and international clients with exceptional strength.

Usman Saeed is the solution – being one of Pakistan’s premier SEO consultants has assisted numerous startups with creating awareness of their brands across Pakistan through digital marketing strategy.

An awesome mobile app may exist, but no one will know about it without its services driving organic search results on Google Play.

8. Azhar Iqbal

Since 2013, Azhar Iqbal, Pakistan’s top SEO expert, has been responsible for increasing the web presence and visibility of numerous businesses from varying fields.

Iqbal provides all-inclusive SEO, Digital Marketing and eCommerce solutions – from identifying business opportunities to analyzing visitor behavior and reporting revenue generation trends.

SEO encompasses several tactical elements, such as backlinks, keyword research & analysis, digital marketing activity measurement & reporting/analytics etc.

Azhar Iqbal offers consultation on digitalization strategies tailored to specific objectives for organizations across industries – be they small-scale brands or multinational enterprises.

9. SEO Syed

To gain expert SEO knowledge for digital marketing strategies that succeed, nothing beats SEO Syed in Pakistan. To establish successful digital strategies.

They aim to equip you with all of the knowledge and tools required for running an effective digital marketing campaign and ranking high on search engines like Google and Yahoo for your website or business.

SEO in Syed means Google acknowledges and establishes your brand as a leader in its category. By investing in SEO, businesses create meaningful connections with customers who use online media as part of their research before making buying decisions.

SEO Syed’s goal is to assist your enterprise in reaching global visibility by providing effective search engine optimization for websites/web pages, with an user-friendly interface and advanced tools that guarantee fast online results.

10. Arslan Rauf

ARSLAN RAUF is a software house and digital marketing solutions provider who specializes in efficient technical SEO solutions and reliable link-building services to rank websites on popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

His expert team also offers comprehensive Social Media Optimization (SMO) packages. Their offices in Peshawar and Lahore in Pakistan allow them to work with SMEs from throughout the nation.

Websites achieve top rankings through organic search results and not paid advertising, where any short-term benefit would likely outweigh its negative long-term effects on consumer trust. Therefore, websites with low traffic conversion cannot sustain themselves for too long without content promotion and search engine ranking optimization (SEO).